Full line of parts and services from on-site service,
applications, repairs or complete systems.
Please look around to see what we can provide your Fischer stereotactic unit. If you see
something that may not be listed please give us a call.

We can provide you with a certified application specialist if your staff  needs to have further
training or you may need to train a new staff member.

We can also provide technical support to your in-house Clinical engineering department. If
your clinical engineering department personal need training we can provide this on-site at
your facility.

We also can provide upgrades to your Fischer stereotactic system (depending on year the
system was manufactured). The upgrade can be the autoguide, Elite camera or to a newer
software Mammovision computer. If your system does not have DICOM we can provide an
alternative means of transferring your images. This alternative is a lot better than the
present WIN2K Mammovision software which has limitations...

We also offer service contracts that can be tailored to your specific needs, such as Parts
and Labor, Planned Maintenance only or Look First. Our rates are very competitive and we
do not charge additional for weekends or holiday service.
Midwest Medical can provide you with your service, repairs or part needs on Fischer
Mammovision Stereotactic products.
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